Would you like to become certified as a meeting venue?

Certification requirements

Conference and meeting venues are classified from 1 to 5 'meeting hammers'. The requirements are regularly adjusted to the needs and expectations of the customers.

Each venue is evaluated by approximately 140 quality criteria on the following aspects:

  • General aspects: experience, general terms & conditions, licenses, safety, insurance, sustainability, appearance, hygiene, maintenance.
  • Room capacities, restaurants, restrooms, foyers, exhibition spaces, secretarial space
  • Accessibility and wheelchair friendly areas
  • Parking: capacity, service, comfort, power charging points
  • Signage: internal and external
  • General facilities: reception, storage space, break out rooms, restrooms
  • Room facilities, furniture, security, furnishing
  • Light & sound: artificial light, blinds, daylight, noise reduction, background noise
  • ICT & technology: telephone accessibility, chargers, data traffic and WIFI, projectors technology, technical support, security, other amenities
  • Climate: ventilation, heating, cooling, service and maintenance
  • Information: comprehensive website, maps, navigation
  • Quality & service: process and quality control, training, customer interaction, project management, secretarial services, multilingualism, representative clothing
  • Food & beverage: complimentary drinking water, lunch options


In order to qualify for a classification of ‘x’ meeting hammers, all basic standards for that number of hammers have to be met, and a percentage of optional points must be obtained according to the targeted amount of hammers. For 3 hammers this is 60% of the basic requirements and optional points, for 4 hammers 80%, and for 5 hammers all basic requirements and 90% of the optional points.

For a more detailed explanation, contact us at info@vergaderhamers.nl!

The classification process

These are the steps of the classification process:

1. Delivery of documents

Prior to the classifying visit, you submit a comprehensive questionnaire and a number of supporting documents, such as delivery conditions, company liability insurance, proof of periodic maintenance of the climate system.

2. Site inspection

An inspector will examine your website and the documents. Furthermore, the inspector visits your venue, performs various measurements and checks the correctness of the completed questions. This visit takes about two hours and is always announced. You will then receive an extensive quality analysis.

3. Award

A classification is established after the inspection visit. As for the measurements to meet the desired number of hammers, a term of six months is provided.

Even without hammer classification, venues consider this quality analysis as a source of inspiration and feedback.

Request information here about the classification requirements and costs for large or small venues.

Request information here about the accreditation requirements and costs for conference agencies.

Eight good reasons to adopt this quality label:

1. You will clearly distinguish yourself from competing venues

2. Independent experts express how qualified you are; the best promotion you can have

3. You are listed and mapped on Vergaderhamers.nl with a direct link to your website

4. You do not pay any costs for leads from Vergaderhamers.nl

5. You can participate in practical workshops and network meetings

6. You continuously keep your organization sharp and up-to-date with the quality requirements as a leading-edge source of inspiration.

7. You are regularly inspired by tips and complimentary advice visits

8. You receive valuable feedback from our experts

For more information, please contact us at info@vergaderhamers.nl!